Transactional Front-office of the Bank

Universal front-office of the bank focused on sales of banking products and comprehensive customer service with the use of CRM-technologies

DeVision-FS “Transactional Front-office of the Bank” is a universal front-office of the Bank, focused on selling banking products and comprehensive customer servicing, with the use of advanced CRM technologies and capacities enabling customer segmentation in order to ensure Up- and Cross sales. 

DeVision-FS “Transactional Front-office of the Bank” significantly reduces the time and improves the quality of customer service by providing the unified mechanism for servicing the different banking activities, integrated into a "single window" of customer service. The "single window" consolidates the entire customer information, including personal data, a set of its banking products and completed operations, the full history of the client's interactions with the bank. Friendly and intuitive web-based interface allows the Bank's employee to focus on what is really important - customer service, emphasizing the main efforts and attention on providing services to the client, not on executing the routine operations in the Bank's information system.

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Benefits for Your Business from Solution Implementation


DeVision-FS “Transactional Front-office of the Bank” is designed as integrated solution, entirely automating all the Bank's frontal business-processes: advising customers on products and tariffs selection, sale of bank products, execution of operations for various customer's products - issuance and servicing of payment cards, deposits and loans origination and management processes, payments and money transfers.


DeVision-FS “Transactional Front-office of the Bank” consolidates and keeps up-to-date the full information about customer in a single information environment: extended customer profile, the electronic dossier, calculated financial indicators, the history of customer requests and applications with an indication of its status, CRM-journal reflecting the entire chronology of executed and planned activities with the client.


DeVision-FS “Transactional Front-office of the Bank” enables the automatic customer segmentation based on certain social, economic, demographic and other parameters and provides the configuration possibility of product-segment and cross-product matrices for various customer profiles. Customer segmentation allows the development of new banking products and the elaboration of targeted marketing campaigns.


DeVision-FS “Transactional Front-office of the Bank” enables setting up the product-segment and cross-product matrices in order to manage the cross-selling process. Based on segmentation mechanism and customer relationships strategies, DeVision-FS “Retail Banking CRM” stimulates proactive actions to implement up- and cross-selling, automatically "recommending" and "encouraging" bank's employee to offer clients additional products and services of their interest and preferences.


DeVision-FS “Transactional Front-office of the Bank” allows to set up the Customer Relationships strategies, based on various events, occurred in the system. Based on business rules set up, the system automatically generates the list of activities and actions for bank's employee, aimed at collaboration and interaction with customers (call, meeting, message, sms, e-mail).


DeVision-FS “Transactional Front-office of the Bank” is built on the SOA principles and standards, enabling easy integration into existing IT-infrastructure of the Bank, making this solution even more attractive.

  • Highly Qualified Developers
  • Years of Experience in Information Systems Development
  • Banks in Various CIS Countries
  • Successful Full-scale Projects