Single Window of Teller

Automation of all cashier operations for servicing customer products, operations, accounts in the unified user interface - "single window"

DeVision-FS «Single Window of Teller» comprehensively automates all cashier operations and processes for servicing any customer products, purchased at any branch of the Bank. All operations are executed in the unified information environment with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, with no need to switch between applications and windows for performing different banking operations.

Work technique in the "single window" mode ensures the significant reduction in complexity and time-consumption for executing the operations, that enhances the quality and the pace of customer servicing. Thanks to this IT-solution, the servicing of any customer product at any branch or subdivision of the Bank would take only 2 - 3 minutes. 

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Benefits for Your Business from Solution Implementation


In the "Single Window of Teller" the bank employees could execute the following operations:

  • to repay the loan, to pay the loan interest;
  • to replenish deposit account, to withdraw the deposit interest earnings;
  • to execute the operations on current accounts and plastic card accounts of the customer (payments, replenishment, cash withdrawals);
  • to receive / to send express money transfer;
  • to pay utility bills, internet services, fixed and mobile telephony;
  • to exchange currency.


Business-processes configuration enables the bank employees to quickly supplement the range of operations, executed in the "Single Window of Teller". The solution ensures the flexibility to customize the look and information content of on-screen and printed forms, as required by the employee to execute the operation. The solution settings provide a multilingual interface and information entry. For certain operations, requiring the authorization action, several bank employees could be involved in the operation execution process, thus optimally distributing the access rights of bank employees to different actions.

  • Highly Qualified Developers
  • Years of Experience in Information Systems Development
  • Banks in Various CIS Countries
  • Successful Full-scale Projects