Data Analyzer

Specialized tool for performing a visual analysis and in-depth study of the bank's credit history

DeVision-FS «Data Analyzer» - a specialized tool, which enables the conducting of visual analysis and in-depth study of bank's credit history, to identify the dependencies of results obtained from customer key parameters, evaluate and increase the efficiency of scoring models, used by the Bank in order to assess the creditworthiness of borrowers.

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"Data Analyzer" enables a detailed review and in-depth analysis of the Bank's credit history in order to detect the hidden dependencies between the loan application parameters, such as socio-demographic characteristics of the client and parameters of granted loan, from one side, and the level of past-due debt (amount, duration), the profitability of credit deals, customer preferences etc, from another side. The data, obtained from the analysis, serves as an objective basis for comprehension the risk factors of loans non-repayment, the ways of increasing the profitability and developing the effective products portfolio focused on different target segments of the bank customers.


«Data Analyzer» enables the Bank employees to flexibly configure an unlimited number of various targeted functions in order to carry out the detailed analysis of historical data in different projections, depending on the Bank needs. The targeted analysis function may act: the distribution of the amount of interest paid, the regularity of interest payments, the distribution of duration / amount of overdue debts, the distribution of loan defaults, the distribution of earnings, etc. The analysis is performed in the context of customer socio-demographic characteristics: age, education, marital status, social status, etc.

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