Debt Collection

IT-solution automates all the phases of the debt collection process: from monitoring to repayment of outstanding debts

DeVision-FS «Debt Collection» automates all the processes and phases of debt monitoring and collection for loans provided.  The solution allows consolidation and reviewing the updated information on borrowers, guarantors, credit agreements, collateral objects and contracts, current debts.  All the activities, executed within the course of work with the borrowers, are recorded in the system, indicating the result obtained. Thus, enabling to track effectiveness of Bank's employees. Due to great diversity of interaction means with the borrowers, a high efficiency of bank's staff involved in debt collection process is achieved. 

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Benefits for Your Business from Solution Implementation


DeVision-FS “Debt Collection” integrally automates all the works and stages of debt collection process: "Reminder" (preventive SMS, e-mail messaging), "Soft Collection" (phone calls, SMS, e-mail messaging with warning of indebtedness occurred), "Hard Collection" (SMS, e-mail messaging with the claim to pay the debt, post notice, phone calls and personal meetings with debtor, work with guarantors), transfer to "Problematic Department", transfer to "Legal Collection" (calculations for the court, report on executed activities, formation of the archive of electronic documents).


Depending on various events, occurring in the system, DeVision-FS “Debt Collection” enables to configure the customer relationships strategies. Based on set up business rules and conditions, the system automatically generates a list of activities and actions of the bank's employee aiming at interaction with customers (call, meeting, letter, e-mail, sms). In accordance with debt collection strategy, the solution enables to configure the automatic notification of borrowers, distributed via sms or e-mail.


The flows formation of planned tasks and actions to be implemented by bank's employees, indicating the tasks priorities and deadlines, executed in accordance with the configured strategy (call, meeting, letter, sms, e-mail); the record of results obtained and the planning of further actions within the interaction process with debtor; the consolidation of all the information and documentation, accumulated within the debt collection process in "Electronic Dossier of Debtor". The full automation of all mentioned actions ensures the high controllability level of debt collection processes and high work effectiveness of bank's employees.


Complete automation of all the stages of debt collection process (from monitoring to indebtedness repayment), including timeliness control of executed actions, recording the performed and planning the further actions, the effectiveness analysis of activities executed. The full automation of that processes ensures the significant reduction of the overdue indebtedness level and improvement of the credit portfolio quality.

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