The comprehensive range of services aiming at creating the effective IT environment of the Company, facilitating the sustainable growth of Your business

Are you lacking enough time or resources to manage complex IT ecosystem of your Company? Then you need the experts who can provide you turnkey end-to-end IT services. We provide services to comprehensively manage your IT:

Business analysis & business-processes optimization

Rapidly changing market conjuncture and business conditions require continuous analysis and optimisation of the operational business processes. 

Consultancy services on business processes optimization and efficiency enhancement are focused on getting the business ready for automation, ensuring the maximum return on investments in information technologies.  

Together with the Customer, our business analysts concentrate on detailed study of the company's existing business processes in order to identify the optimization potential for subsequent automation. The analysis results are drawn up in the form of strategic plan for Information System development, outlining the recommendations for business processes optimization, as well as the range of functional and conceptual requirements with regard to Information System.

IT-solutions development & implementation

For strengthening market positions, focusing on market challenges and differentiation from your competitors is essential. A customised IT solution creates the best conditions to flexibly and promptly automate operational processes and to technologically support the business strategic  development. 

For over 16 years we develop and implement IT systems, that cover the current customer needs related to business processes automation. All the tasks within the projects are executed on the basis of actual corporate standards of project management, which determine the order and sequence of actions for project teams, thereby reducing the arising project risks.  In implementation projects we apply the Scum Agile methodology for project management. Our projects experience demonstrates that Scrum Agile approach leads to a significantly improved level of customer satisfaction, due to client direct and close involvement in the software development process.  Short and regular feedback loops with the customer ensure a targeted implementation and most efficient project realization.

We perform a full range of design, development, implementation and support works focused on information systems enhancement.  Based on technical requirements related to the system, we conduct a comprehensive pre-project study and assessment aiming at analysis of functional requirements, business processes and its participants, data models, the architecture of designed system. The data collected within the survey is systematized and drawn up in the form of Technical Requirements, which lay the groundwork for development or functionality enhancement of the Information System. 

By use of tools and technologies of ORACLE Corporation, we develop the systems in the following directions:

  1. design, development and implementation of IT-Systems & IT-Solutions (by use of ORACLE Database, ORACLE Forms, ORACLE ADF (Application Development Framework), ORACLE PL/SQL, Java, Java Script, HTML);
  2. development of analytical IT-solutions (by use of ORACLE BI) and Operational and Managerial Reporting Systems (by use of ORACLE Publisher, Jasper Reports);
  3. administration and performance tuning of ORACLE Databases.

IT-infrastructure analysis & reengineering

Complex system dependencies, a multitude of scattered non-integrated software products, obsolete technologies, distributed IT skills. This is what many historically grown IT landscapes look like. Often a large part of the IT budget must be invested in the maintenance of these disintegrated systems and thereby the further development falls by the wayside. While your IT is becoming more cost intensive, the business changes rapidly. All of this has an effect on the competitiveness of your company.

Our IT advisory services aimed at optimization of company's information infrastructure. Together with the customer we evaluate the current state of existing information landscape, including hardware and software used, communication means, IT solutions used. 

The analysis results are drawn up in the form of strategic plan for Information Infrastructure development, outlining the recommendations for existing IT-infrastructure optimization, creating an integration / interaction model of company's information systems. Implementing the proposed changes allow the company to reduce costs and improve return on investment in IT, creating the conditions for optimal evolution of company's information technologies, to ensure and support the business growth.

IT-resources provision

The specialists of our Company may be involved in implementation of the clients' ongoing projects through the provision of IT resources of required volume and expertise. This approach enables the client to engage the highly qualified specialists according to its current needs and thereby significantly increase the capacity and capability of its own IT department. This interaction mechanism allows to flexibly optimize the structure and composition of the customer IT employees and to increase the efficiency and quality of the results obtained.

When outsourcing IT resources to perform the work, the client determines the priority tasks, the necessary labour imput and the composition of the experts to resolve the problematic issues. The working process is performed in close cooperation and interaction with client's specialists, who can quickly change the list of tasks and its priorities, and hence, the volume and composition of resources to be attracted, depending on the currently existing business needs.

We provide our clients the qualified IT resources in the following areas:

  • Business analysts in the field of operational activity automation;
  • IT analysts in the field of architecture analysis and Oracle Databases and Data warehouses development; information systems integration and interaction;
  • Oracle applications developers (application architecture, data model, functionality, user interface, integration);
  • Oracle Programmers (SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle ADF/J2EE, Oracle BI);
  • Oracle Administrators (roll-out, configuration, productivity analysis and tuning, hardware requirements determination).

Benefits for Your Business

Boost Your IT Efficiency

Our advisory services enables Your to increase IT efficiency and to accelerate IT innovation

Focus on Business Enhancement

Delegating your IT, you entirely concentrate on business goals, and we provide the optimal technological support

Lower TCO

Our experience and expertise in providing IT Services allows You to optimize IT costs and to reduce risks from investing in IT

  • Highly Qualified Developers
  • Years of Experience in Information Systems Development
  • Banks in Various CIS Countries
  • Successful Full-scale Projects