Credit Scoring

IT-solution automates the assessment of creditworthiness of a prospective Borrower supporting the decision-making process in retail lending

DeVision-FS «Credit Scoring» is a comprehensive tool aiming at credit scoring problem solving, that automates the assessment of customer creditworthiness and supports the decision making within the retail lending.

DeVision-FS «Credit Scoring» uses various quantitative indicators and characteristics of the customer, as well as the parameters of the loan requested in order to calculate the risk of a loan default probability. The calculation can be carried out both with ordinary scoring cards or by using scoring models, built on statistical data of bank's credit history.  Scoring models set the predictive relationships between customer information and probability to repay the loan on time in full volume. 

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Benefits for Your Business from Solution Implementation


The tools for automatic scoring, rating and creditworthiness assessment of the borrower, built-in credit conveyor, contribute to significant time reduction for loan application evaluation and accelerate the decision making process with regard to credit granting or refusal. This increases the capacity and speed of the credit conveyor, resulting in sales growth of credit products.


DeVision-FS «Credit Scoring» automates the calculation of borrower's scoring assessment, thus ensuring quick, fair and objective estimate of risk level of loan default, as opposed to subjective evaluation methods, based on expert opinion of bank's credit employees.


DeVision-FS “Credit Scoring” enables to independently configure and administer the unlimited number of scoring models. For each credit product it is possible to customize several individual scoring models, corresponding the different variants of bank's credit policy, for instance, targeted to different risk levels, different profitability levels or focused on various customer segments. Bank employees can proactively manage and switch the scoring models in credit conveyor, from more strict to less strict and vice versa. Thus, in real time, the risk managers can adjust and regulate the credit risk policy, based on the existing market situation and current goals of the bank.

Functional Features

Data preparation for building the scoring models by means of Oracle Advanced Analytics (Data Miner);

The configuration of "default" concept, used for models building (the possibility to set up different variants of "default" for various credit products);

Building the scoring models (the possibility to build separate scoring models for each credit product);

Models actualization - evaluation and analysis of newly created models on bank's credit history and its fast integration into work;

The possibility to generate the "test" historical data for building the scoring models, in case of non-availability of real credit history;

Recording of all actions on creation, modification and updating of scoring models.

  • Highly Qualified Developers
  • Years of Experience in Information Systems Development
  • Banks in Various CIS Countries
  • Successful Full-scale Projects