Credit Conveyor

Complex automation of all business-processes of loan origination and decision making in retail lending: from application registration to loan issue

Changing needs of retail banking entails not only the reorganization of existing business processes in retail lending, but also the creation of a technological solution that automates the pipeline processing of loan applications within the sales of credit products.

DeVision-FS "Credit Conveyor" is a front-office solution that entirely automates all steps and phases of loan origination process in retail lending: from customer consultancy to funds disbursal, thus contributing to the launch of the conveyor for mass sale of credit products. Automating the pipelined conveyor business processes, DeVision-FS "Credit Conveyor" serves as a technological platform for successful business growth in retail lending. The high speed, flexibility, efficiency and capacity of the conveyor prove to be a Key Success Factor of pipelined process organization.

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Benefits for Your Business from Solution Implementation


The effectiveness of credit products sales is reached due to pipelined conveyor organization of loan applications processing, when the processes, configured in the system, "lead" all its members through the business-process. DeVision-FS "Credit Conveyor" ensures the ability to quickly serve a large flow of customers while keeping the high quality standards of customer service. Besides, the duration control of each stage within the loan application processing, setting and monitoring of time KPI for each business process participant, provide the maximum visibility and controllability of credit products sales process.


DeVision-FS «Credit Conveyor" provides the ability to quickly configure and bring to market new products to meet the current needs and preferences of customers. In addition, the system provides a wide range of pre-configured standard business processes supporting the most typical and demanded credit products, designed for retail customers: "Cash Loan", "Credit Card", "Auto Loan", "Home Appliances", "SMS-Loan", "Installments RePayment", "Mortgage", "Microloans", "SME Loan".


DeVision-FS «Credit Conveyor" ensures the ability to flexibly configure business processes of any complexity, to include all necessary actions and to involve all needed participants in loan application consideration scenario and decision making process. Bank employees can independently and in short time configure the information input and display forms, the set of attributes in loan application, the loan application processing flow and the credit decision making strategy. For each credit product can be configured its own set of attributes and a separate strategy for application consideration and decision making.


Automatic assessment of prospective customer creditworthiness, built-in customer scoring and rating mechanisms, along with ample opportunities for differentiation of credit amounts and lending rates according the authority levels of bank's employees, - all this together help to reduce the risk of providing "bad loans".

Functional Features

Customer identification and selection of all client information existing in the system

Loan application entry, assessment of reliability and completeness of information entered, detection of input errors, verification for compliance with Bank's requirements regarding the borrower and credit product parameters

«Stop-list» customer verification; application attributes analysis with regard to detecting suspicious issues and potential fraud (Anti-Fraud)

Various data bases verification: «black lists», automatic inquiry in Credit Bureau, other external scoring systems

Automatic calculation of scoring points and rating of the borrower. These calculations are carried out based on the borrower personal data entered, borrower's credit history, availability and total debt owed to the Bank, punctuality (timeliness, regularity, volume) of debt repayments, availability of deposits

Automatic calculation of recommended loan parameters: recommendations of amounts, terms and interest rates

Registration of the loan application in the system in the form of "electronic customer dossier" with the possibility to attach any documents and files. All customer information entered in the system becomes available for analysis to all members of the loan application consideration process, who complement the dossier with various electronic documents, assessments and comments (application forms, contracts, photos, signature specimen, rating calculation, financial indicators and ratios calculation, departments conclusions etc.)

Documents monitoring and verification by Loan Administration Department

Printing out the complete package of relevant documents under the credit deal

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