FBS Group has participated in CIS Bankers Banking Forum

On Friday, March 16, the CIS Bankers community once again invited their members to participate in the financial forum dedicated to the discussion of managing the Problematic Debts. Within the framework of the Forum, the most relevant and painful topics were discussed. During the expert panels with the participation of top managers of leading banks, businesses and governmental bodies, the forum delegates had the opportunity to share with colleagues their experience, opinions and ideas.

The first half of the forum was devoted to the Macroeconomic Overview and to the recent developments in the Ukrainian financial services sector. The second half of the forum was devoted to discussion of issues related to problem loans and restructuring of debts, as well as to the discussion of best practices and technological solutions for managing and recovering bad debts.

Our partner, Intellect company, represented by Balasubramanian, Vice-President, made a presentation on "Re-Imagining Debt Management with Intellect Digital Debt Management", reflecting the possibilities of an innovative approach to the debt management process, bringing the value proposition around the right collector for the right segment at the right time with the right strategy.

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