FBS Group has been certified by German company BW Business Bridge

FBS Group has been successfully audited and certified by BW Business Bridge, which mission is to identify, validate and certify foreign IT companies as reliable partners, required for the continuous growth of the German ICT industry.

Within the framework of the certification process the following aspects have been audited:

  • COMPANY: history, evolution and current state, leadership structure and management system, local and international partners;

  • STAFF: size and qualification of the team, project management methodology, personnel turnover and motivation system;

  • PROCESSES: information and data security, standardized and documented business processes of software development and implementation, such as business analysis, change management & version control, testing and quality assurance, maintenance & support;

  • ECONOMIC ATTRACTIVENESS: pricing conditions, various financial and payment models, variety of forms for cooperation and interaction;

  • SOCIAL STANDARDS: aspects of the labor organization, terms of employment contracts and its strict regulatory compliance.

The certification process consists of detailed information collection, in-depth research and analyses of data provided, as well as the subsequent interviewing and auditing, conducted by BW Business Bridge representative in our company's office.

You can get access to electronic certificate on BW Business Bridge web-page by following the link: http://www.bwbb.de/fbs-group/#

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