FBS Group has participated in CIS Bankers Banking Forum

On 20th May, CIS bankers community once again opened the doors to the Opera-Hotel for its famous T10 Banking Forums, where the presentations of different IT-solutions vendors on the most demanding by banking community topics were held. As well as expert panels with Chief Executives of leading banks took place, in which forum delegates had the opportunity to share their experience, opinions and ideas.

The first half of the forum was dedicated to discussion of legal aspects and problems, currently existing in Ukrainian banking sector. The main focus was to openly discuss with the audience the questions like: “Which banks will survive? How? Why?”. As well as the round table, aimed at discussions on corporate lending and corporate customers servicing in new reality of change in customer's needs, was held.

The second half of the forum was dedicated to new technologies and innovative IT-solutions. Intellect Design Arena company (India), represented by Jean-Pierre Arens, Senior Vice-President, made a presentation “Digital Evolution or Revolution”, reflecting the current trends and challenges for banks, related to changes in customer behavior and preferred servicing channels.

In turn, FBS Group presented the audience its vision of different ways to increase the effectiveness of IT projects, thus ensuring bank's sustainable IT-development and business growth. In his speech Oleg Macari, CEO of FBS Group, emphasized the Strategic Partnership as the most advanced and effective form of interaction between bank and technological partner.

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